You're gonna be fine.

20 years.
Most definitely gay.

Currently obsessed with swan queen.

Fringe, Parks & Recreation, OUAT, Lost Girl, Being Human (UK), Xena

Feeling: Sick! Stuffy noses are ewwshi.


"I think we all should always celebrate where we are in that very moment in time. ‘Cause one day you could blink and it could all be gone."

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Just let this sink in, with Lana and Jennifer knowing about Swan Queen. You can’t stop yourself from playing with the idea that Lana or Jennifer may have at some point let it slip in their mind of the possibility of what it would be like to have to kiss each other if Swan Queen happened.


"When you said goodbye to Henry, you.. you were saying goodbye."

"What am I supposed to tell Henry?"

"Regina, please.." 

"Regina, I-"